How to Pack If You Have to Move Quickly

It is one thing to pack up your entire life for a big move that’s still a few weeks or months
in the future. That’s stressful enough. It is another thing to pack up your life in a matter
of days under a fast-ticking clock. Check out these tips for packing if you need to move

  • Get Packing Supplies Delivered
  • More Packing, Less Planning
  • Pack by Room, Not Item
  • Throw Things Away
  • Be Resourceful
  • Don’t Overpack Your Boxes
  • Pack a Box for Items You Need Right Away
  • Hire a Professional Packing Service

Get Packing Supplies Delivered

If you need to move in a few days, you probably don’t have time to assess all the items
in your home and figure out exactly how many boxes you need, room by room, and then
go to the store and get exactly what you need.

Get your packing materials delivered to save you the trip to the store. We can deliver
packing materials directly to you. And you only pay for what you use.

We can deliver:

  • Boxes (large, medium, and small)
  • Dish packs
  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Tape
  • Shrink-wrap
  • Bubble wrap
  • Mattress bags

Schedule your packing materials delivery by calling 469-304-0070.

More Packing, Less Planning

Any planning you do should be brief. Get your supplies and get moving.
It would be nice to gather items into neat piles or organize your belongings before
packing them away into boxes. Some people use a move as an opportunity to get

But you may not have that kind of time. Organize your belongings when you get in your
new home. For now, worry about packing.

Pack by Room, Not Item

During most moves, you might sort your belongings by item. So, for example, you would
have one box for your cups and glasses, another for utensils, another for dinner plates,

But you probably do not have time to organize if you need to move quickly.

Instead, pack your belongings room by room without actively sorting like items together.
You will still maintain a certain degree of organization because your boxes will contain
items for only one room.

Don’t Forget to Mark and Label Your Boxes

In your rush to pack as quickly as possible, don’t forget to label your boxes. Mark them
by room (since you’re packing by room rather than by item), so the movers know where
to place the boxes in your new home.

Throw Things Away

It might make sense that throwing everything in a box and going through it later will
save you time if you have to move quickly. But that’s not always the case.

The more you take with you, the more time it takes to pack it all away. So, as you pack
your belongings, decide what to donate, throw away, and keep. You might even choose
to pack away things you can sell at a yard sale at your new home.

If you haven’t worn it or used it in a long time, and it’s not an essential item, then you
can probably donate or toss it.

Be Resourceful

Re-purpose items you already own by turning them into packing supplies.

  • Use pillowcases or towels to wrap and cushion fragile items.
  • Use trash bags or pillowcases to pack clothing or other unbreakable, lightweight items.
  • Pack clothes and shoes in hampers, laundry baskets, or suitcases.

Not only do these items serve a purpose, using them as packing materials essentially
packs them away too, thus saving time and boxes.

Don’t Over-Pack Your Boxes

One of the common mistakes people make when moving is over-packing boxes. And
that’s especially easy to do when you’re rushing.

But if you overpack a box, it becomes heavy and might even break during the move,
which slows things down as you’ll need to repack the box.

Be mindful of how much your boxes weigh as you pack them. And watch out for small
but heavy items that are common culprits of over-packed boxes:

  • Books
  • Dishes
  • Collectibles (heavy figurines, coins, etc.)
  • Canned goods
  • Files

Pack these items in smaller boxes, so the boxes don’t get too heavy.

Pack a Box for Items You Need Right Away

Pack one box (or one box per person) for every member of your family containing
essential items you’ll need on moving day or the day after. You could even use a
suitcase or duffel bag instead of a box.

Items to include in your “essentials” box are:

  • Change of clothes
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
  • Deodorant
  • Soap and shampoo
  • Makeup
  • Towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Snacks and water
  • Necessary medications

Pack as if you were going to a hotel that had no amenities or toiletries. What will you
need for that first night and the next day?

And don’t forget the pets! Pack their dishes, some food, and some snacks and toys that
they’ll need the first night and the next day.

Hire a Professional Packing Service

May we suggest letting us pack your belongings for you?

We can pack your entire house for you, or provide partial packing for those items that you’d rather have packed professionally.
Call us at 469-304-0070 to inquire about appointments and book your time now.

We carefully pack all your belongings, from your most fragile items to your kids’ toys.
And we use specialty boxes and packing supplies to do the job right.

And if you’ve already started packing but can’t finish in time for moving day, we also offer
partial packing services where we can help you finish packing on the day of the move.

Call us at 469-304-0070 to speak to one of our packing or moving experts today.